See why Transform® WG insecticide gives growers the advantage.

Keep aphids below threshold with a unique mode of action.

Transform® WG insecticide features the active ingredient sulfoxaflor and is the only member of a new class of insecticides: Group 4C. This means Transform offers more benefits and options for sorghum growers.

  • Effectively controls sap-feeding insects by contact and by feeding through translaminar activity, effectively reaching those out of the direct line of spray.
  • Delivers excellent knockdown plus residual control.
  • Provides a needed rotation option for resistance management programs.
  • Exhibits no cross-resistance to insect pests resistant to neonicotinoids or any other class of chemistry.
  • Has minimal impact on beneficial insects.

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Transform® WG insecticide: proven control of sugarcane aphids.

Trials at Texas AgriLife Extension show Transform provides unmatched control of sugarcane aphids — protecting sorghum yield.

See what people say about Transform® WG insecticide.

“The two-week residual saved us. We could’ve lost our entire grain crop. If we didn’t have Transform, we would’ve spent a lot more money … to fight the aphid.”
Christopher Sparks, owner, CJ Farms, Harlingen, Texas
“The sugarcane aphid had a severe impact on yields [last season] if it was left untreated. If it was sprayed with Transform, very little yield reduction was seen and the control was exceptional.”
Darren Biediger, Independent crop consultant, STX Ag Management, Portland, Texas
“I went with Transform because I had talked to many reps and county agents … and Transform was giving the best result for your dollar … If applied properly and at the right time, one trip could get the job done.”
Dave Schubert, Sorghum grower, Kingsville, Texas
“Transform is easy on beneficials and it’s got a 14-day residual that also allows the beneficials to build up. Then you can have the combination of the residual and the beneficials working on aphids to keep populations manageable.”
Caleb Fields, retailer and consultant, Sanders, Harlingen, Texas

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